See Dumb on Twitch

Dumb is bringing his world to @twitch , with laughs and good vibes to get us through the hours on the couch with our hand in a bag of chips during this quarantine time. Stay home and stay happy 🌐 @dumbfoundead

love & good

Putting in that Good Work 💯😷. ØZI handing these out where it’s needed. Much appreciated. It’s gonna be love + good will and unity that will help this world get thru this together 🌐

Dumbfoundead at TEDX

the break down of battle rap + culture + being Asian American wrapped up in this 🔥 TEDX Talk from @dumbfoundead 🌐 @tedx_official @tedxrutgers  

Get me Some

New quarantine friday. heat from @tokimonsta x @dumbfoundead x @drewlove of @they is out today on Toki’s new album🔥 dummie snapped

YOX viral

Addressing the racism around the world, pinning Asian people as a “virus”, @officialyox speaks on @nextshark 💯🙏. Let’s be kind to each other, the problem we are facing as a world knows no skin tone.