Yultron featured on NEST HQ Artist Spotlight!

Yultron, an LA-based producer, singer/songwriter and rapper who is currently inspired by old electro and complextro styles was featured on the Artist Spotlight Page of NEST HQ, a culture-garnering media platform and free-release imprint conceived by Skrillex & co.

NEST HQ remarks, “In ‘Make Electro Great Again,’ Tron’s first offering of 2017, mau5-esque leads crash into vicious bass snarls for a clever convergence of old and new. The follow-up record, ‘Nu Luv,’ out last week matches up melodic vocal chops with sawtoothed, complex synth work while dropping in a half-time, dubstep section in the song’s second half for lasting effect. This duality of paying homage to a seminal moment in dance music’s recent history while redesigning and repacking it for a new generation is setting Yultron on an exciting path in 2017.”

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