Insomniac Records x Transparent Music

Insomniac Records has partnered up with Transparent Music for releases in Asia !! Kicking off with this new Chris Lake + Chris Lorenzo "Nothing Better" out now on all major platforms ! 🌐   Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo "Nothing Better" buzzin in China! Moving up the charts, now

BAD RAP now on Netflix

Transparent Agency artists Dumbfoundead and Lyricks from YOX along with our family Rekstizzy + Awkwafina are now up on Netflix in the incredible film BAD RAP 🔥🌐

2017 Placements

Some placements this year with our TA artists and releases on our label brednbutter 👍🌐 1. VALERIAN - "Bloodmoon" by Arman Cekin ft Larcy 2. POWER - "Stoopid Rich" by Crankdat x Havok Roth ft TITUS 3. BLACKISH - "Harambe" - Dumbfoundead prod by Getter 4. QUEEN OF THE