Tiffany Young digital collectible from oursongdotcom presale

TA ARTIST: @tiffanyyoungofficial first digital collectible card from @oursongdotcom is now avail for Presale starting today. The “Runaway” Card: This card is an extremely limited digital collectible card on OURSONG that gives the owner exclusive behind the scenes access to photos, videos and stories around the “Runaway” project. This card

Tiffany Young Magnetic Moon Tour tickets are live now!

TA ARTIST: @tiffanyyoungofficial 🌙💖 The Magnetic Moon Tour! In North America, all tickets are live TODAY! *tickets are up at 10/25 San Francisco,CA 10/27 Vancouver, Canada 10/28 Portland, OR 10/29 Seattle, WA 11/1 Minneapolis, MN 11/2 Chicago, IL 11/4 Toronto, Canada 11/6 Philadelphia, PA 11/8 Boston, MA 11/9 Washington, DC 11/10 Brooklyn, NY 11/12 Raleigh, NC 11/13 Atlanta, GA 11/15