New Single Coming Soon!

🀭 @dumbfoundead flashes new single artwork and name on β€œBarwatch” @caffeine, then skydives ?πŸ˜³πŸš€ living. 🌐  

Fun With Dumb X Bobby Hundreds

FUN WITH DUMB ft @bobbyhundreds 🀣πŸ”₯. Up now on all platforms and can tune in live with @dumbfoundead every Tuesday at 1pm pst on @caffeine to call in 🌐


BARWATCH: tune in to @urltv to watch and breakdown battle rap live with @dumbfoundead on @caffeine every Saturday at 1pm pst 🦾πŸ”₯🌐

Fun With Dumb Live on Caffeine

Big mooove. FUN WITH DUMB is now premiering live on @caffeine before hitting all platforms. Catch it live, call in on the show to be featured, and hit the chatroom. Follow Dumb’s caffeine profile and tune in live every Tuesday at 1pm pst 🌐 #funwithdumb