#OURIDENTITY For #BlackLivesMatter

#OURIDENTITY : the day of our livestream event on 5/30, we witnessed in real-time the rise of protests around the US and the beautiful fight & chants for equality for Black Lives filling the streets. When we first started putting this event together in March,

Dumb for #BlackLivesMatter

@dumbfoundead with his mother at the recent protests in LA, showing the support and unity between communities. Thank you for representing the Asian community like you do 💯🗣🌐 #asiansforblacklives #blacklivesmatter

New Fun With Dumb Episode!

the funwithdumb crew pushing the conversation forward touching on the Asian community support for Black Lives, and the different perspectives within the Asian community. The full episode is up now and props to the callers and @dumbfoundead @yox_rick @rekstizzy @tonykfilms for sharing with us 💯🌐


We will continue to support the Black community and the fight for racial equality. During Music Industry Black Out Tuesday #theshowmustbepaused we will halt all operations, we will connect with our community for more ways to support, and we have contributed to the NAACP Legal