Dumb and Satica Song coming

waaaat. dumb announcing on his stories a @dumbfoundead & @saticamusic 2 song quarantine drop titled “Inside/ Outside” coming next week #transparentarts 😳🤯🔥🌐

Ozi on Triller Fest

announcing @ozifp will be on the #TRILLERFEST line up with @trillervids @complex to stand together for the fight against Covid19. Tune in April 10-12th #musicares #complex @forbiddenxparadise @transparentfeed 🌐

YOX Mixtape

full repeat, wont skip a verse. After an insane year of drops, @officialyox closes with this complete mixtape of 🤯🤬 type of rhymes. Out now on @bornctzn @transparentfeed on all platforms 🌐