Tiffany Young 2 more days until RFYL

TA ARTIST: @tiffanyyoungofficial – “2 more days until RFYL

I wanted to make a song about the fight & the hunger to LIVE for what you love & who you are. To shine & be unbothered. I hope when you listen to this song you’ll feel good, let loose, and dance to your OWN rhythm or however the way it moves your mind, body, & soul.

Before I release this next song & for future music releases, I wanted to speak on something that comes up whenever myself or others try creating something ‘DIFFERENT.’ is experimenting styles, vocals, & use of wild effects like color to create your vision & sound still an issue in 2019?

I’ve been singing one style (proudly) my whole life. & I would like to be an artist thats fearless & unashamed to do/try whatever that makes me feel like a WOMAN.

I think we should embrace experimental ideas, sounds, & concepts. Let these moments live & breathe. I promise to have songs without any experimental effects if the concept calls for it.

I have so much recorded, almost a years worth of music finished. I hope you are ready for a diverse music filled 2020.
To anyone open to listening, THANKYOU FOR ME LETTING ME HAVE THIS EXPERIMENTAL & UNASHAMED MOMENT. 🥂 Here’s to being unpredictable, having some fun together, & OWNING IT. 🖤 xx” 👏😍🌐

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