Tiffany featured in 100 Women Revolutionizing Pop

TA ARTIST: @tiffanyyoungofficial featured in @papermagazine ‘s 100 Women Revolutionizing Pop amongst an iconic list of people :
“Tiffany Young will not be boxed in. Her beginnings in Korean pop group, Girls Generation has molded her into the artist she is today — versatile and ever changing. Combining two worlds in one, Tiffany incorporates her K-pop roots into her summer-night bangers. Opening up about sexual liberation on tracks like, “Over My Skin,” the young songstress stresses the importance of women having the freedom to “do nasty things and you don’t judge me.” Tiffany’s sharp-witted lyrics and catchy hooks allows her to break down boundaries both abroad and statewide. — Talia Smith” 💙🌐